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Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications (FITT) was founded in New South Wales in 1989 as a Not-for-Profit organisation and today has a subscriber base of around 4,000.

 For many years, FITT was a special interest group and proudly supported by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). At the beginning of 2012, FITT became the new trademarked name for "Women in ICT Australia" (WICTA). WICTA is now an incorporated association with a National focus, promoting the interests of women working in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries in Australia using the FITT trademark.

FITT is managed by a Management Committee (MC) and is unique amongst other Women in Technology groups for two reasons. 

  • Firstly, FITT appeals to Individuals across all functions and disciplines such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Technical, Operations, General Management and Financial services within the ICT sector, as well as an almost equal distribution across all age demographics.
  • Secondly, FITT works with Corporate organisations within Australia as the delivery arm for their gender diversity activities by providing Corporate organisations access to the full suite of FITT activities.

The FITT calendar includes an extensive Learning and Development and Networking program including a National mentoring program, education and webinar forums,events, networking and special interest panel discussions.

FITT also supports Corporate organisations with their business case development, provides an annual gender diversity index via the Corporate Diversity report which can be used to assist in the new diversity reporting requirements.  

    FITT Key Objectives
    • Creating a voice for women in ICT by partnering with industry leaders in Information and Communications Technology to drive the gender diversity agenda in Australia.

    • Complementing existing corporate programs by offering organisations services such as professional mentoring, education and diversity statistics, and data about how to retain and grow their female workforce.

    • Empowering individuals to achieve their career aspirations through regular webinars and events from leading experts and student outreach programs

    • Expanding the FITT network by increasing Corporate and individual subscribers as well as increasing our online influence through social media channel

    The New Constitution

    As you will have no doubt seen, FITT has undergone some positive change and growth in 2013. Our membership has increased to over 4,000 and our social pages are becoming more active every day. In order to ensure our organisation maintains pace with our growth, we have spent some time updating our constitution to reflect the very positive future we see ahead. Changes like becoming National, expanding and offering our education programs and mentoring across the country, and increasing our events and networking evenings are all part of this exciting growth phase.

    The new Constitution includes proposed changes which will allow for a more flexible management committee membership, and a way that we can make decisions and deliver services faster, and more efficiently, to our valued members. It is also based on the model constitution recommended by the Department of Fair Trading in NSW, where FITT is incorporated.
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