November 2015

FITT Business Exchange - In partnership with Origin

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - 5.30pm-7.30pm

Our final networking event of the year will be held on the following dates:

Sydney: November 17th, Zeta Bar, Sydney Hilton, Sydney NSW 2000 BOOK HERE

Melbourne: November 18th, Ms Collins, 425 Collins St, Melbourne, Vic 3000  BOOK HERE

Brisbane: November 18th, Firefly, 48 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD 4000          BOOK HERE

Following on from recent engaging, inspiring Business Exchange events across VIC, QLD and NSW, 

Origin and FITT have finalised our next informal networking event:

What behaviours will make you most relevant and valuable in the future ICT landscape?

Wednesday, 18th November 2015.

Over the past few years we have seen a big shift in priorities from IT and Business leaders around the behaviours of talent. Traditionally there was a much higher emphasis on hard skills, now we see much more demand for candidates with the right behaviours, values and mindsets, as well as the IT skills! We hear a lot about flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, openness to learn, why is this so important? Let’s get together to talk about what these behaviours are, how you can develop or highlight them, and why they are important in Australian ICT today. 

These informal networking events are designed to support career development, however we would appreciate the avoidance of active recruitment on the evening.

October 2015

FREE Cisco Breakfast Seminar

Topic: What organisations can do to improve Maternity/Parental Leave Policies to retain and attract talent.

Time: 08:30-10:30am

Location: Cisco Offices, Level 10, 80 Pacific Highway, North Sydney

FITT GOLD sponsor Cisco held their first co-branded breakfast event at their offices in North Sydney last month. The session focused on what organisations can do to improve their maternity and parental leave policies. Cisco and FITT were delighted to have nearly 80 registrations for the event.

The morning opened with some light breakfast and a chance to network, followed by a special presentation from Tara Ridley, ANZ Director of Services Sales at Cisco. Read her presentation here

Tara shared some extremely insightful observations including:
  • Most companies have a Diversity group of some form or other.
  • Consistency is critical but does not seem to be the case. Every company is different - there does not seem to be a common approach.
  • In some cases, there are differences between functions even within the same company! So consistency is an issue.
  • Paternity leave should not just be a policy - support is needed at all levels
  • People managers need more training
  • Everyone can do their part to drive change
  • There is a war for talent and some of the newer IT companies, (think Apple, Facebook,Google etc.) seem to be topping the charts for having standout progressive policies.
The other interesting part of the presentation was to highlight the different maternity stages and how to build programs that fit these different phases. Pre-maternity needs are very different from Return To Work needs. See diagram below.


The last part of the morning saw the attendees break into half a dozen smaller groups to brainstorm ideas to address the topic that they could take back to their workplace. Good management training, awareness of available options and a flexible supportive culture seemed to be key themes that rang out in the group discussions. See the output of those groups HERE 


If you are interested to know more about the event and the outcomes and findings please contact: Stephanie Norris on or Seema Hyne on

September 2015

FITT Business Exchange - In partnership with Origin

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - Sydney Sold Out

In September, Origin and FITT will be hosting our informal networking session across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

The theme for the evening will be Engaging Stakeholders.

The evening will include discussions on:

  • How do you successfully identify your stakeholder map?
  • How do you prioritise and evolve your stakeholder relationships?
  • What are the advantages of having strong relationships with key stakeholders?
  • How do you build trust, advocacy and valuable interactions with your stakeholders?
  • In which ways can stakeholders help you  navigate your career advancement and satisfaction?
The purpose of these get-togethers is to  establish, develop and refresh contact networks, as well as share ideas and experience in order to support and promote the overall success for the FITT community.


Tuesday 8th Sept 2015, Ms Collins,  5.30-7.30pm

Book HERE for Melbourne


Wednesday 9th Sept 2015, Cicada, 5.30-7.30pm

Book HERE for Brisbane


Thursday 10th Sept 2015, Grain Bar, 5.30-7.30pm

Book HERE for Sydney

June 2015

FITT Business Exchange -  In Partnership with Origin

Sydney - Tuesday  June 9th

Brisbane, Melbourne - Wednesday  June 10th

Following on from recent engaging, inspiring Business Exchange events across VIC, QLD and NSW, Origin and FITT have finalised our next informal networking event on the Wednesday, 10 June 2015. The theme for the evening is Building your Personal Brand. We will be exploring how best we can enhance, develop and elevate your personal brand in the interests of professional career development and satisfaction outcomes.

Below is the review from the event:

Once again the FITT Business Networking events were sold out across Sydney,Melbourne and Brisbane with a packed house in each of the venues.  The event ran from 5.30-7.30pm with over 160 guests registered across the three states. FITT Committee members Bridget Gray (Sydney), Catriona Walkerden (Melbourne) and Gemma Lloyd (Brisbane) hosted the evenings and introduced ashort speech from event partner Origin on personal branding.  Representing Origin was Angela Davis in Sydney, Allisyn Wilkinson in Melbourne and Monica Graham in Brisbane.  Guests were working the room with a glass of wine in hand exchanging tips and ideas on how to build their personal brand, particularly in the age of social media where we have to consider so much morethan face to face encounters.

Photos from the evening: 




March 2015

FITT present the 2015 International Women’s Day Luncheon: Transforming the Future for Women in ICT

IWD Sydney - March 25th 2015

Gender diversity continues to be a hot topic today- one that is discussed everywhere from the G20 to within our own Government. In 2015, FITT would like to put the spotlight on the ICT industry and focus on the actions that we can take now, in order to transform the future for women in ICT.

We invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day with us and hear from industry leaders and visionaries (both female and male) who practice what they preach and are working hard to create balanced workplaces. Each of our speakers will share their experiences of what works and what doesn’t - providing tips on how to create a great workplace for women and exploring the ways in which we can nurture the next generation of female leaders.

We have taken your feedback on board and will be maximising the networking opportunities at this event - so everyone will have the chance to discuss and contribute to this important conversation.

This event is not to be missed - where else would you find hundreds of women in ICT in the one room (plus a few dozen brave men of course)? 

Sydney Review

Thanks to everyone who cam along to IWD Sydney - you made this a tremendous success! It was a sold out lunch – our biggest ever, and a truly fabulouspanel to speaks enlightening us all


Afters short introduction by FITTs Chair Steph Hardcastle, our MC for the day Susan Sly spoke about creating a great workplace for women, because of women, and for those women to follow. Susan explained how it’s the image of this industry that needs to change, as it is currently not seen as an attractive career option. Susan outlined some ideas including leading, greater use of mentors, working with HR departments etc. to try and combat this image deficit.

Yolanda Beattie the stepped up to share her findings from their huge dataset of employees. She outlined the structural and cultural barriers faced by women in ICT, and then turned to give positive suggestions for stepping over these hurdles, including how to ‘put up your hand’ before you think you are ready for promotion- not after.

The hugely inspirational Tara Ridley from Cisco outlined three 3 key themes – those themes which we can all take on board whether we are at the onset or twilight of our careers.

Hilda Clune from PWC outlined how to be independent and strong; to be open minded with out carer opportunities - there is now a huge flexibility for change  - we are not wedded to one path anymore.

Lastly, it was great to see Geoff Wenborn from Origin step up to discuss his goal to create a balanced workforce, and how personal, functional and company bias needs to be removed in order to succeed.

 Sydney Photos

We thank our panel, MC, sponsors, attendees – both male and female and hope to see you at the next great FITT event.

IWD Melbourne - March 4th 2015

Thank you to the 300+ guests who joined us to celebrate International Women’s Day at the RACV Club in Melbourne on 4th March.  It was the biggest and best event yet.  There was standing room only at the networking drinks before guests sat down to a delicious two course lunch to hear from an exciting panel of speakers. FITT’s Catriona Walkerden opened the event and welcomed the MC for the afternoon; Susan Sly. Susan’s quick wit had the audience entertained as she confessed she was terrible at ‘sticking to the script.’  Susan introduced our first speaker, Dell Managing Director Angela Fox, who advocated nurturing of women early in their IT career to have the most impact.  Next was Hilda Clune of PwC who highlightedher own personal experiences when joining PwC with a 6 month old baby andtelling them politely, “if you can let me do this job in the way I need to, I’monboard, if not we can’t go ahead”, that message was extremely empowering forwomen in the audience to hear.  Next up was Microsoft’s Linda Hamill who as Microsoft HR Director shared some practical examples we can support women in the workplace. The lone brave male on the panel Cisco’s ANZ Lead Ken Boal described himself as a ‘believer’ that creating opportunities for women equals a more powerful workforce and organisation, he also added later in the panel discussion women must not wait to be ‘tapped on the shoulder’ and to seek opportunities as well as responding to those in front of us.

 Feedback from the event has been tremendous and our stellar line up of speakers received great applause for their open, frank and often deeply personal accounts of their own journey.

As part of FITT’s media partnership with Next Media for the 2015 International Women’s Day event series, FITT is pleased to provide you with a link to the CRN photo gallery, which features a wide selection of photographs taken at the 2015 Melbourne IWD luncheon event

Please click here to see photos courtesy  of CRN

FITT Business Exchange -Networking March 2015

Our theme for the evening was 'Planning for a successful 2015' What a way to get focused!

On Thursday the 19th of March, FITT and Origin held the Sydney Business Networking event, where we were joined by over 40 inspiring females within the ICT industry.
Bridget Gray (FITT Networking Lead) welcomed the evening, by encouraging everyone to think of what their number one goal was for 2015 in order to make it a success for them. Sue Mortimer from Origin then kicked off the networking event with her moving goal to “help others understand what their goals are for 2015”. Then with everyone’s 2015 goals in mind, the networking conversations were off with everyone getting excited to have a successful 2015. 


Females in Information Technology & Telecommunications (FITT) together with Platinum sponsor VMware, present the annual ICT Trends Luncheon:


   ‘ICT Trends 2014 – Celebrating the Technology of Tomorrow’

  Brisbane:        Wednesday 22nd October The Pullman Brisbane, King George Square  REGISTER HERE  Flyer here

  Melbourne:      Thursday 30th  October The RACV Club  REGISTER HERE  Flyer Here


The Minister for Technology, Victorian State Government, the Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips, MLC, will deliver 

the Welcome Address at 2014 ICT Trends Melbourne.

Gordon Rich-Phillips is the Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Technology and Minister for the Aviation Industry for the Victorian State Government. Elected at the age of 25, Gordon is the youngest person ever elected to the Victorian Legislative Council and is currently the youngest Cabinet Minister in Victoria.



Whilst we have come a long way since the days of computers that took up an entire room, brick-sized mobile phones and Walkman personal stereos, in some ways the future of technology has only just begun...

With ground breaking advances in 3D printing, cognitive computing and other emerging trends now upon us, Australia’s ICT industry is continuing to push the boundaries of innovation - with a wide range of exciting and world leading careers and opportunities available to us as a result. 

Please join us for a two course lunch and drinks and prepare to be blown away by this year’s ICT Trends presenters, each of whom are working on some of Australia’s most incredible ICT innovations and technologies.

The 2014 ICT Trends topics will include:

·      Cognitive computing – and the ways in which this innovative, futuristic technology is used today to drive businesses across a wide range of industries, with cognitive computing systems like IBM Watson now able to process natural language, interact with people, propose and evaluate hypotheses… and learn along the way.

·      Advances in 3D printing – and the implications that printing body parts and organs, food, makeup, weapons and machinery can have - socially, morally and economically.

·      Emerging technologies that can affect our privacy and security – and the numerous ways in which they are starting to challenge and impact privacy on both an individual and organisational level. With the sci-fi technology that was previously reserved for blockbuster movies already a reality, it’s time to raise our risk awareness.

Following the presentations, our 2014 ICT Trends speakers will participate in a panel and interactive Q&A session. During the event you will also have opportunity to network - with over 200 guests expected to attend, you will be sure to make some great connections on the day!

If you're an ICT professional - or student - don't miss the chance to join others in the local ICT industry to celebrate the innovations that are being developed today which will impact businesses and the community tomorrow.

The Presentations will differ slightly in each state with various presenters 

Please review your local ICT Trends speaker bios and presentation details to find out more

Click through to Speaker Bios and presentations details

For all ICT Trends event enquiries, please contact: Big Mouth Marketing (FITT's National Events Managers) 03 9785 3-5-


July Webinar “How to Communicate Like a Pro’ Pat Skalsky, July 15th

Listen to the recording of this SOLD OUT webinar

In this webinar, Pat will share with you some of her practical coaching skills designed to help you take these back with you to your office and put in place straight away. These tools will include:

  • Context /content: giving meaning to your communication
  • Think Feel Know: Understanding the preferred processing style
  • Five Communication Skills: When am I ‘asking’ vs when am I ‘telling’
  • Conflict and Negotiation: Judgment vs understanding

Central to Pat’s coaching is her ability to be able to build trust and rapport with her clients through inspirational and meaningful conversation. She is all too familiar with the challenges that face us all on a day to day basis which include ensuring our messages are heard the way they were meant, the need to ensure favourable outcomes from our negotiations and having difficult conversations.

June webinar 'Planning for life change' Helen Shao, June 19th.  Listen to the recording click here.


Event: Origin Energy & FITT Present: The Future of energy and the role IT plays

Presented by

Olaf Pietschner, CIO, Origin Energy

Monica Graham, Senior IT Business Partner, Origin Energy

Sue Mortimer, Senior IT Business Partner within Retail, Origin Energy

Tuesday 1stApril 12.00-1.30pm, Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Join FITT and our Corporate Partner Origin Energy for lunch and gain a glimpse into the way the energy industry is transforming for the future and how technology plays an integral and strategic role in Origin’s vision.

A focus on gender diversity to build a more diverseworkplace, has also earned Origin recognition as an Employer of Choice forWomen by the Australian Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the WorkplaceAgency.

At the luncheon you will hear about one of the country’s largest energy projects, the $24.7 billion Australia Pacific LNG and the business challenges a project of this magnitude creates, along with major IT opportunities and solutions.

IT is alsohelping to drive change for consumers, from the digital landscape to designingsmart connected homes for the future and we will provide insight into thisdynamic front-end of the business.

Tickets are complimentary and places are limited, book now to avoid missing out!

About Origin Energy

Origin Energy is the leading Australian integratedenergy company focused on gas and oil exploration and production, powergeneration and energy retailing.  Amember of the S&P/ASX 20 Index, the company has approximately 6,000employees and is a leading producer of gas in eastern Australia.

Origin is Australia’s largest energy retailerservicing 4.3 million electricity, natural gas and LPG customer accounts andhas the country’s largest and one of the most flexible generation portfolioswith approximately 6,010 MW of capacity.

In Queensland, Origin is jointly developing Australia’s largestcoal seam gas to liquefied natural gas project, through Australia Pacific LNG.This, plus its interests in a number of other Australian and internationalenergy projects, sees it working towards an exciting and rewarding future.

Origin Energy has been recognised as an employer of Choice for Women by the Australian Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency.  Originis committed to providing equality of opportunity and a rewarding workplace forall employees. This is achieved by a focus on ensuring fair representation and equal treatment of women throughout all levels of its workforce.


March 2014

The theme this year is: Inspiring Change and what a wonderful theme to celebrate FITT’s 25 year anniversary! Join us and our panel of high profile female executives to pose and answer questions around what has changed for women in ICT over the past 25 years since FITT began and what is still left to achieve.

For the first time ever we are celebrating FITT International Women’s Day in Melbourne!  In addition to our flagship Sydney event, we are responding to members’ requests and we can’t wait to bring our successful formula to Melbourne.


Doltone House

Jones Bay Wharf

Pyrmont, NSW



Friday 7th March 2014


Myer Melbourne

Mural Hall, Level 6, 341 - 336 Bourke Street

Melbourne, Vic 3000



Wednesday 12th March 2014

Panelists in Sydney:

·         Pamela Young (Author of Stepping out)

·         Maggie Alexander (FITT Founder and 2013 NSW ICT Woman of the Year)

·         Ann Moffat (FITT Founder)

·         Rhody Burton (Sales Director, Channels at SAP)

Panelists in Melbourne:

·         Grainne Kearns (CIO, Jetstar)

·         Maggie Alexander (FITT Founder and 2013    NSW ICT Woman of the Year)

·         Katerina Andronis (Director, Life Sciences & Health Care Industry, Deloitte)

    Jude Horrill (Head of Communications Global Technology, Services & Operations at ANZ)


25th Anniversary FITT International Women's Day in 2014 is proudly supported by:


YOW! 2013 Australia Software Developer Conference
  YOW! is happy to support members of GeekGirls, Lambda Ladies, RailsGirls and Females in Tech & Telecommunications (FITT) with a special Taste of YOW! package.  

There are great career oriented talks and keynote plus reception for $20. 
Click on link for more details in Melbourne 5 Dec, Brisbane 9 Dec, Sydney 12 Dec 

Step up for SISTERHOOD day 

Support to raise $30,000 to run a 8-months mentoring program for vulnerable teenage girls in Australia. Step up in high heels to work and help make a difference on 6 December.

Organized by the Life Changing Experiences Foundation 

Show your support on facebook and LIKE US 
FITT & Corporate Partner Commonwealth Bank Event: Building your personal brand and creating sustainable networks

Your personal brand much like product brands, shapes your reputation and how others perceive you.  Discover some simple tips on how to build your personal brand and to create your own unique value proposition to get noticed and move ahead.

Hear from Anne Garlick, CIO CommInsure on the impact of personal branding and importance of leveraging this to create sustainable networks.  Anne has many years of experience as a Senior Leader working in Information Technology in Enterprise Services, CBA and is an active sponsor of women.  Her insights and experiences as a Senior Female Leader are invaluable to others.

Join other FITT members for some canapes and drinks and learn how to enhance your personal brand!

When: Thursday, November 14, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)

Where: Commonwealth Bank Place, North Building 1 Harbour Street SYDNEY

Tickets are limited, please contact Valeria Ignatieva on  or 0478 199 800 with any queries.

VMware FITT 2013 ICT Trends Luncheon: The Future Ways of Working

Read about the Sydney Event Wrap Up  Media Coverage

Despite the popular assumption that teleworking is just ‘working from home’ this growing trend is blurring boundaries and enabling greater productivity along with a healthier work-life balance. This provides new opportunities for people working from home, cafés, interstate offices and across the globe on any device, whether for convenience or due to unexpected events such as bushfires and floods. 

The future state of working will be about giving people the tools, information and goals required to achieve their objectives even if not physically present in an office, subject to business needs. Research on this trend is encouraging; covering productivity & revenue gains and employee retention among other benefits.

Join us to hear about the latest research on this trend and interact with panelists that are leading the industry in implementing flexible, effective changes in their workplaces:

• Strategies to initiate change from the top and how companies can better understand the ROI of flexible working arrangements.
• Success stories and ideas for creating a productive mix of flexible and office based collaboration.
• Advice for advocating for yourself when negotiating flexibility at work.
• Security concerns and technologies that can address those concerns and facilitate teleworking.

Panels included inspirational leaders from VMware, Suncorp, Cisco, IBM,,  Harvey Nash, Origin and MYOB. Click here for their bios

SYDNEY (SOLD OUT) Thursday 12th September 2013- Doltone House Hyde Park, a stunning new venue located on Level 3, 181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

MELBOURNE (SOLD OUT) Thursday 19th September 2013- Crown Towers, voted as Australia's Best Luxury Hotel in 2012, located at Level 1, Crown Towers, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank, Melbourne  

BRISBANE (SOLD OUT) Thursday 26th September 2013- Emporium Hotel, a 5 star luxury boutique hotel, located at 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland.


FITT partner invites FITT members to 'Lean in' at CeBIT Tuesday 28th May, Sydney

This year, FITT partner is working with CeBIT to deliver Australia’s largest cloud computing event: at CeBIT. Held over 3 days from 28th May – 30th May, attendees will hear firsthand from and our leading cloud partners on how Australian companies like Lorna Jane and CGU are transforming into customer companies.’s internal women's networking group is proud to host one of the most exciting breakout sessions and we’d like to invite FITT members to attend. The focus of the session is ‘Australian Women in Business and Technology discuss: What does it mean to ‘Lean In’?

UTS Women in Engineering & IT – Hands on Day

On the 5 April,  two volunteers from FITT Emma Rickerby (Community Engagement) and Monica Heinrich (Strategy), were provided with the opportunity to share information about the value of networking and benefits of joining the FITT organisation with female High School students considering career pathways in the Engineering and IT streams. While watching and listening to the students, alumni and recent graduates discussing the benefits of entering the Engineering and ICT industry, it became clear that shifting perceptions created by these trailblazer should see a growth in the ranks of young women requiring FITT’s support through graduate, education and mentoring programs.



VMware FITT International Women's Day Luncheon  8th March, 2013 in Sydney

In the spirit of the International theme "The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum", we would like to invite you to celebrate International Women's Day 2013 with us at our annual luncheon.

Overtime and distance, the equal rights of women have progressed.  We celebrate the achievements of women while remaining vigilant and tenacious for further sustainable change.  There is global momentum for championing women's equality.

 On Friday 8th March, 2013 we encourage you to join our MC and presenters in answering these questions and others:

  • Has the Australian ICT industry kept pace with the global momentum for championing women's equality? If so, what steps have been taken and if not, what more is required?
  • The pipeline of women entering the ICT industry in Australia is insufficient to enable diverse workforces of the future.  How can the ICT industry lead delivery of sustainable change, gaining stronger gender diversity?
  • How do we raise the profile and celebrate the achievements of our successful and inspirational women so they serve as role models for the next generation of women in ICT?
  • And a question from the audience (submitted on registration)

Our panel presenters who have kindly donated their time:

  • MC - Carol Skyring, 21st Navigator, Learntel
  • Antonia Jennings, Recruitment Manager, VMware
  • Anne Garlick, CIO CommINsure, Enterprise Services Institutional and Wealth Technology (IWT)
  • Sara Adams, Managing Director, Partner Business Group, Cisco ANZ
  • Linda Price, Group Vice President, Asia Pacific at Gartner

See Bio's here
Venue: Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf Pyrmont, NSW 


FITT in partnership with CISCO Invite you to the next in the FITT Event Series"In Her Shoes", Melbourne

FITT is proud to partner with Cisco to provide a unique opportunity to meet Jennifer Dudeck. Jennifer is visting from the USA to discuss Cisco's mobile workforce and the resulting people and culture challenges at Telework in Melbourne and has generously agreed to speak to the FITT community. Jennifer will share her personal story as an inspiring woman in ICT, providing insights into her success and achievements before opening for Q&A.

Date: Tuesday, 13th November 2012
Time: 12.30pm - 1.45pm
Cost: FREE

FITT & VMware present 'I Can Lead: Maximising Your Leadership, Becoming a High Impact Leader' Webinar Workshop

Females in Information Technology (FITT) in conjunction with FITT Platinum Sponsor, VMware, invite you to attend our first ever International Webinar Workshop on maximising your leadership and becoming a high impact leader.

Date: Thursday 8th November 2012
Time: 12.00pm - 1.00pm AEST
Cost: FREE

FITT Events Series - Women in ICT "In Her Shoes" Panel Discussion - Melbourne

The FITT Management Committee, together with our corporate sponsor Ernst & Young, is very proud to deliver this next event in the FITT Event Series in Melbourne. Together, we are delighted to invite you to an opportunity to network with your peers and hear from a panel of senior female IT professionals, from some of Australia's premier organisations.

Monday 20th August 2012
Time: 1.00 - 3.00pm
Venue: Level 23, 8 Exhibition Str, Melbourne
Dress: Business
Cost: FREE (thanks to E&Y)

FITT Events Series - Career Evening (Resume and Interview guide)

FITT corporate member, Paxus, is proud to deliver the next event in the FITT Event Series. Together, we are delighted to invite you to an inspiring event for women in the IT industry. We will be providing you with an opportunity to network with your peers and then participate in an interactive session hosted by one of Australia’s leading IT recruiting firms. We will cover the 2 main areas:
  • Resume - ‘how to’ create a great resume
  • Interviews - guidelines & behavioural questions
Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Wednesday, 15 August, 2012
Time: 5.30 PM – 7.00 PM
Paxus, AAMI Building, Level 19, 99 Walker Street, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060

FITT & VMWare present 'Negotiation Skills Workshop' Webinar

Females in Information Technology (FITT) in conjunction with FITT Platinum Sponsor, VMWare, invite you to attend a Negotiation Skills Workshop presented by Dr Yunxia Zhu.

Thursday 30th August 2012
Time: 12.00pm - 1.00pm
Cost: FREE