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FITT has two key learning and development streams to bring expert knowledge to our subscribers and participants, these include:
  • an annual mentoring program which facilitates the mentoring search and relationship process for selected applicants and
  • a full schedule of webinars designed to bring subject matter expertise from a range of exciting presenters and topics.
  • FITT would like to thank our Platinum Sponsor VMware for their providing the technology and support required to deliver the webinars to our members
  • FITT would also like to thank Cliftons for making their training spaces available to the mentoring programme, since 2012

The 2015 Mentoring program has officially come to a close.  With over 50 mentees participating this year, the close sessions in each location was a great way for mentees to thank their mentors, share stories about what they had learnt and gained from the program and network with other participants.


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Mentoring Program

FITT's 2016 National Mentoring Programme

Mentoring FITT has always been keen to create connections for our Membership. We believe our current National mentoring programme, which has been running since 2007, is a fantastic way to create great connections, support each other and share valuable knowledge.

The National Mentoring program uses 2 approaches to provide mentors for Women in ICT: 

Traditional one-on-one mentoring, suitable for women with between 1 & 10 years of work experience in ICT

Mentoring Circles. The Circles are designed for more experienced women (+20 years) and cater to more experienced participants to share knowledge and experience with other similar women. 

Our mentoring programmes support two of FITT’s primary objectives:

1. Inspire women in the industry to achieve their personal aspirations and potential AND
2. Assist women to broaden their understanding of the ICT industry. 

 For the Early Bird Rate of $900, the FITT Mentoring Programme is a structured 9 month programme and includes:

  • Mentor and Mentee Networking & training evenings,
  • Facilitated Launch and Close events
  • Our proven and highly successful matching process
  • Ongoing Support when needed to resolve issues or concerns
  • Mid Point reviews
  • Mentor and mentee Networking opportunities

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MENTEE - Selection Criteria

The FITT National Programme is open to women in ICT who are individual FITT members and to women who work for FITT corporate members.

Mentees should be women with between 1 & 10 years’ experience in ICT. They should be personally motivated to commit to the programme and be able to manage work, family and study commitments. A limited number of places isavailable to more experienced women to participate in a Mentoring Circle.

Benefits to Mentees

  • Profile and detailed report to give you insight into your style
  • Exposure to different industries, work styles other than your employer or manager
  • Ability to work on specific are for improvement, or goal

MENTOR - Selection Criteria

The role of Mentor is open to all individuals in ICT who are individual FITT members, and to individuals who work for FITT corporate members. Individuals can self nominate to be a mentor.

Mentors should be individuals with 12 or more years work experience in ICT and have specific expertise or knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding a career path within ICT
  • Balancing work/life priorities
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Navigating organisation politics
  • Managing clients/customers
  • Changing career
  • Motivating people
  • Developing influencing skills
  • Business planning
  • Organisational leadership
  • Other relevant leadership areas

Benefits to Mentors:

  • Give something back
  • Networking
  • To join the program


Complete a registration form and send to

Registration forms Mentee 2016 Mentor 2016

Important Dates – 2016   

Mentee registrations close:

3rd February 2016 for Full Fee price of $995 inc GST

Mentor registrations close 5th February 2016

Mandatory Training & Programme Launch sessions:

NB - other locations available based upon demand. Please request via email address below.




Mentor Training

(attendance by Mentors only)

Mon 21 March

Tue 5 April

Tue 12 April

Mentee Training

(attendance by Mentee only)

Tue 22 March

Wed 6 April

Wed 13 April

Programme Launch

(attendance by Mentors and Mentees)

Wed 23 March

Thur 7 April

Thur 14 April

Programme Close

(attendance by Mentors and Mentees)

Early Dec

Early Dec

Early Dec

Download the registration forms, complete and return to by the registration dates. You will be contacted to arrange a date & time for aninitial interview

For more specific information about the 2016 programme, email your questions to

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For more specific information about the 2016 programme, email your questions to

About Mentoring
We are continually collecting articles, useful links and answering ongoing queries about mentoring from the ICT community. For general mentoring information, contact

Here are some links to other mentoring programs in Australia:

Mentoring Institute Australia

The Mentoring Institute Australia developed the mentoring model on which the FITT programme was based.